Umberta Barbera 2022

Fabrizio Iuli

Umberta Barbera 2022

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Umberta Barbera 2022

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Umberta is one of our strongest candidates, literally! Considered among the ten best price quality values in Italy every year!

We like to put our money where our mouth is. For a born and bred Dane, social responsibility is important, and how would we look if we only sold expensive wines. Fabrizio Iuli produces his introductory Barbera, aptly named Umberta, with the clear intention of offering great value for money, so that most people can permit themselves the luxury of a serious bottle of wine. The story behind the label is a combination of love for his sister Umberta and for his homeland Piedmont. Barbera in Italian is one of the few grape varieties with feminine gender. Barbera is perhaps the true representative of Piedmont, since we find her planted throughout the region, even more so than Nebbiolo. Umberto is one of the important king's names from the Kingdom of the Savoy, fitting for a Piedmontese regal grape variety.

And what's in the bottle? A beautifully elegant, fruit-driven, zesty red wine which is a go-to tippler for spring/summer. Barbera has very little tannin, it's juicy, round and inviting. Barbera has a lot of acidity, which can sometimes be annoying, aggressive, throat-burning. Not Umberta! Iuli seamlessly integrates Barbera acidity with ripe fruit. The result is delicious drinkability.