Soon after birth, Flemming Teilgaard Laugesen was uncompromisingly exposed to good food, whether in solid or in liquid form. Travel was often centered around vineyards where Flemming's mothers would have him evaluate grape quality while they tasted the wet goods. As a single child there was never a question of not being along for the ride, whether at Harry's Bar in Venice or at the UN bar in Vienna. He had been contaminated for life.
Thus the choice of profession was obvious when Flemming and his first wife moved to Prague in 1998. Flemming would become a wine merchant, and he has been honing his skills ever since.
It was a fortunate time to throw oneself head-first into the Italian world of wine around the millennium. Agro-industrial practices were being questioned and new ideas taking off. These new ideas drew heavily on age-old holistic wisdom supported by cutting edge research. This was the foundation for Flemming's.
Content-based is how we define ourselves. Flemming's is the sum of extraordinary people producing unique products in a Genius Loci. We feel these producers and their products have a value addition, a sense, and that they matter. We are humbled and thankful to be part of something bigger.
Indulge your senses,
                                   Lenka, Aleš, Radek, Dennis, Santo & Flemming