It's not about natural, unmanipulated, organic, biodynamic, traditionalist, extreme or authentic wine.

It's about good wine. No, actually it's about great wine.


Claudio Corallo chocolate, unique in this world, not only because it is the only real bean-to-bar, but also because it is the purest chocolate available.


The Gaimaica Caffe roastery has been run for the forth generation by Simone Frasi. Gaimaica Caffè is one of the last real handicrafts that still use a 60-pound roasting machine over a direct fire.

Olive Oil

Marco Viola inherited the olive oil business from his father. He grew up in the family business, working in the mill and the olive groves since his teenage years. After Marco took over, quality became very important. He improved the olive grove cultivation and olive crushing technology to get a higher quality product.


Stefano Amerighi

The winery of Stefano Amerighi is a great Italian excellence, born from the love and the desire of producing a high-quality wine, respecting the environment and recovering ancient craft techniques. Having laid the foundation of the company, which is in business since 2002 with an immediate success, on ethical and biodynamic principles, Stefano has developed a larger project of sustainable agriculture. All the authenticity and transparency features can be found in the winery's production wine-symbol: the Syrah.

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