Roasted Cocoa Beans 130g
Roasted Cocoa Beans 130g
Roasted Cocoa Beans 130g

Claudio Corallo

Roasted Cocoa Beans 130g

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Roasted Cocoa Beans 130g

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Forastero Amelonado

Grown exclusively on Claudio’s own plantation, the taste of his chocolate perfectly reflects the care he takes of the trees, the soil and the environment in which he works.

The purest form of his chocolate is the selection of raw cocoa nibs and the roasted cocoa beans, followed by his 100% which simply results from the grinding of the roasted cocoa beans. Nothing is added nor subtracted.

Exempt of bitterness, this 100% is not only the purest that can be found on the market, but it also gives birth to all Claudio’s other products. If you love infusions, cold or hot, the roasted cocoa bean shells are the perfect match.

For those who love the purity of flavors: to taste our beans is like a journey through the scents of the plantation. Tasting the pureness of our beans it is easy to understand the alive taste of our chocolate.

How to eat a cocoa bean, hold the bean between your thumb and index finger. Push it down lightly onto a hard surface. You’ll see the darker tegument fall away from the roundest part of the bean. Throw it away, as well as the bitter root. Pop the bean into your mouth to enjoy