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Valdibella, a sustainable project within, where all resources, both human and natural, find their own realization. It was born in June 1998 in an area with a strong agricultural and rural vocation, joining the Ithaca Salesian community, which deals with the reception of young people with social discomfort and promoting their insertion into the world of work through the “Jonathan” project. From the beginning the cooperative has tried to unhinge not only cultural but also cultural stratifications that in recent centuries have dominated the Sicilian territory: that is to restore the dignity to farmers, promoting concrete actions against commercial and labor exploitation and fielding agricultural methods organic that focus on biodiversity and native crops. They knew from the beginning that the only way to succeed in the project was the union between different farmers. Alone, each would have done little. Or nothing. And every day this belief is confirmed even in small things.

If today they produce wine, wheat and pasta, almonds and oil, vegetables and legumes, it is only because within their cooperative there are women and men who know how to overcome their individuality to join a common and cooperative project.


They are convinced that organic farming is not a longing for a past past: it represents one of the most urgent responses to the planet’s imminent future, which depends on the ability to know how to change course.The land they inherited from their fathers has undergone heavy changes since the post-war period onwards. Reappropriating it is a duty, because it is full of promises that it will only be able to keep if they learn to observe it, know it, listen to it better. To understand what it needs, to feed itself better and to flourish quickly.Because the land they grow is truly alive.And to maintain this vitality it is necessary to restore the forgotten equilibrium, paying particular attention to biological diversity in the production processes.Good soil management practices, agricultural rotations, the rests themselves, are some of the examples that contribute to the creation of agriculture that respects the environment and biodiversity.Basically it is a simple thought: their nourishment comes from the earth and therefore the more it is well, the better our health will be.



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Tagliatelle from Timilia Wheat, Organic 500gTagliatelle from Timilia Wheat, Organic 500g
Busiate from Timilia Wheat, Organic 500gBusiate from Timilia Wheat, Organic 500g
Sugo Siciliano, Organic 280gSugo Siciliano, Organic 280g
Green Olive Paté, Organic 140gGreen Olive Paté, Organic 140g
Pesto Trapanese, Organic 130gPesto Trapanese, Organic 130g
Black Olive Paté, Oganic 140gBlack Olive Paté, Oganic 140g
Fennel Pesto, Organic 140gFennel Pesto, Organic 140g
Oregano, Organic 20g
ValdibellaOregano, Organic 20g
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Passata di pomodoro Siccagno 680gPassata di pomodoro Siccagno 680g
Lemon Juice, Organic 200ml
Portogallo orange juice, Organic 200ml
Pomegranate Juice, Organic 200ml
Hummus with almond cream, Organic 220g
Basil and almond pesto, Organic 140g
Dried Sicilian chili powder, Organic 40g
Almond Cream 100%, Organic 200g
Mandorle di Sicilia in guscio, Organic 1 Kg