Frank Cornelissen: The god of Mount Etna

Frank Cornelissen is a Belgian wine producer and winemaker who has made a name for himself in the world of wine. He is known for his unique approach to winemaking, which emphasizes minimal intervention and the expression of terroir in the wine. In this article, we'll explore the life and work of this pioneering producer and what sets his wines apart from others. Cornelissen was born in Belgium and grew up in the world of wine. His family has a long history of wine production, and he was exposed to the art of winemaking at a young age. He later studied wine production in France and Italy, honing his skills and refining his approach to winemaking. In the early 2000s, Cornelissen made the decision to start his own winery. He purchased a property in the region of Sicily, Italy, and set about creating a winery that would reflect his philosophy of minimal intervention and terroir expression. The result is a winery that is completely organic and biodynamic, using no chemicals or synthetic substances in the vineyard or the winemaking process. Cornelissen's wines are known for their unique character and intensity of flavor. He uses indigenous grape varieties and traditional winemaking techniques to produce wines that are both deeply rooted in their place of origin and bursting with flavor. His wines are fermented using only natural yeasts and are bottled without filtration or clarification, resulting in a wine that is alive and vibrant. One of Cornelissen's signature wines is his "Munjebel" line, which is made from the Nerello Mascalese grape variety. This wine is considered one of the best examples of Nerello Mascalese in the world, and is known for its depth of flavor and complexity. It is a wine that is both approachable and elegant, with a delicate balance of fruit and acidity. Another standout wine from Cornelissen is his "Contadino" line, which is made from a blend of grape varieties grown in the region. This wine is a true expression of terroir, capturing the essence of the soil, climate, and vines of Sicily in a single bottle. In conclusion, Frank Cornelissen is a winemaker who is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in wine production. He is a true pioneer, using his skills and knowledge to create wines that are a true expression of the place they come from.