Vino Rosso RE 2020

Cantina Giardino

Vino Rosso RE 2020

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Vino Rosso RE 2020

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Grape variety: Aglianico

Il "Re" is part of Cantina Giardino's "Na-Tu-Re" line, a trilogy of simple wines with a high gastronomic vocation created to get to know the style of this artisanal cellar in Ariano Irpino. It is a pure, territorial and pleasantly fresh red wine, which tells notes of small red fruits, Mediterranean herbs, earthy sensations and light acetic notes. A wine and original red, certainly not for everyone! Artisan wine

Cantina Giardino's Red “Re”, a joyful and vital liquid, is part of the Na-Tu-Re triad, that is the most convivial and daily line of the legendary Ariano Irpino winery. Cantina Giardino has been a cult reality for years for lovers of local and genuine wines, capable of thrilling in a visceral way thanks to their direct and unfiltered expressiveness. The winery, founded in 2003 by a group of friends led by Antonio De Gruttola, was born from the common intention of enhancing a territory with immense potential, where it is easy to come across old abandoned vineyards able, as in the case of the Clown Oenologue, to give life to wines of unparalleled expressive power. Aglianico, Fiano, Falanghina, Greco and Coda di Volpe are grown without any chemical or synthetic substance, making it possible to harvest a lively and vital grape, which allows spontaneous fermentations to take place. They speak about grapes, vintage and territory and they do it loud and clear.

The “Re” Rosso wine is obtained from autochthonous red berried varieties, grown near Ariano Irpino. In the vineyard, as already mentioned, only very small doses of copper and sulfur are used, as well as natural preparations so as not to compromise the vitality of the soil and fruits. In the cellar the creed remains unchanged, thus proceeding with spontaneous alcoholic fermentations and in the case of the King with a short 7-day maceration on the skins. The liquid does not undergo clarification or filtration before bottling, nor the addition of sulfur.

The red "Re" is presented in the glass with a ruby ​​red dress of medium intensity. Declaredly carefree and convivial olfactory impact, which unravels between vinosity, fresh fruit, and black pepper, as well as floral hints. The straightforward simplicity of the nose is confirmed in a juicy and dynamic sip, driven by vibrant acidity and a delicate tannic friction that promptly relaunches the drink. Toccasana for every season.

Color: Intense ruby ​​red

Perfume: Notes of dark fruits, pepper, earth, undergrowth and salty hints

Taste: Straightforward, rustic, easy to drink and with a pleasant freshness