Tagliatelle from Timilia Wheat, Organic 500g
Tagliatelle from Timilia Wheat, Organic 500g


Tagliatelle from Timilia Wheat, Organic 500g

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Tagliatelle from Timilia Wheat, Organic 500g

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Timilia or Tumminia is one of Valdibella's prides. It is a Sicilian wheat grain which was very popular among the ancient Romans. It is also a "free" grain, which is of great political significance. Unbeknownst to the general public, many grains today are private property. In order to plant and replant grain types, farmers are often forced to pay a user fee to the proprietor. Valdibella believes that it is a human right to have the freedom to reseed from own crops. A similar human rights discussion is having access to clean water.

The chromosome chain length in grains is directly related to its digestibility. Cross-breeding grains throughout history has lengthened chromosome chains. This has served to improve fertility and baking strength. On the other hand, shorter chains are much more digestible though harder to leaven. And then there's the taste profile. Nothing beats an ancient whole wheat flour for aroma and taste. The Tagliatelle and the Busiate from Valdibella are made in Sicily by two different artisanal pastifici, which work the flour with great care. There's great taste and, what's more, it has the texture  of classic pasta, even though it's wholegrain! Highly recommended.