Pachna 2011 1.5l


Pachna 2011 1.5l

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Pachna 2011 1.5l

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Grape variety: Canaiolo, Sangiovese

Pachna is the etruscan word and origin of the name Pacina, toponym of their place. Pachna was the etruscan god of the grapes, the same that was called Bacchus by the Romans.

For this reason they have decided to dedicate to Pachna a wine, only in the vintages in which there has been something to celebrate or because it is a wine with peculiar characteristics to hand down.

In 2016 they made a selection of Sangiovese. The selected grapes with extraordinary characteristics allowed the maceration to last until springtime.

The spontaneous fermentation took place in cement tanks and afterwards the wine was aged for two years in botti and one year in bottle. The wine is not filtered and there is no addition of sulfites.