Ognostro Rosso 2020

Marco Tinessa

Ognostro Rosso 2020

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Ognostro Rosso 2020

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Grape variety: Aglianico 

A decidedly more energetic year, currently in refinement.

What are you looking for when you approach a wine?

O’gnostro - in Italian "Ink", Campania dialect name for wine - comes from the desire to bring the uniqueness of a territory into the bottle.

Marco Tinessa started with an Aglianico vineyard in the heart of the Taurasi appellation, in Montemarano (AV), looking for the right balance of the plant (in terms of yield per hectare), to obtain a correct ripening of the grapes. This is particularly important in an area where grapes are usually harvested in November.

In the cellar, spontaneous fermentation is an essential point of winemaking, to best preserve the characteristic aromas of the grape and the vintage. The use of neutral containers, terracotta amphorae or high-density polyethylene tubs, does not affect the characteristics of the wine and the terroir. A minimum amount of sulfur (indicated on the label) is added to the bottling if necessary.

The principle that inspires all phases, from processing the vineyard to bottling, is simply the desire to preserve the unique characteristics of the Aglianico of a specific vineyard.

The biggest wrong you can do to a wine is to serve it at the wrong temperature. Red at room temperature is a commonplace to dispel, the ideal is to serve it between 16 and 18 degrees. We do not give any other advice on how to drink, if not that of wanting to listen to wine and its evolution in the glass.