Nero d'Avola Kerasos 2021


Nero d'Avola Kerasos 2021

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Nero d'Avola Kerasos 2021

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Grape variety: Nero d'Avola

It is not by chance that they called this wine Kerasos meaning “Cherry” from the Greek language (κερασος) Its aroma of cherry and red fruits is unmistakable. This is the characteristic that marks Nero d’Avola in our area. They believe that this quality is due to the conditions of their territory. The calcareous clay soils, high hills with ventilation and strong temperature changes, combine to give them a wine that combines body and structure with great elegance, hints of fruit and never has aggressive tannins.

Area of origin: Sicily, Camporeale (PA)

Cultivation process:  spurred cordon vine training system

Yield (in quintales of grapes per Ha): 70 quintale/Ha

Wine making: the grapes come from vineyards from the Camporeale countryside between 250 and 350 meters above sea level. The grapes (with synergy among various vines) are harvested by hand and transported to the winery in small baskets. Subsequently, they are de-stemmed and must is added for natural fermentation. The must is prepared in the previous days with grapes from the same vineyard. Fermentation proceeds for about 10 days at a temperature of 24° C. After this the pomace is separated and pressed. After the malolactic fermentation, which also occurs spontaneously, the wine ages for the winter and the following spring in stainless steel before bottling.

Wine ageing: 6 months in stainless steel

Organoleptic characteristics

Color: ruby red. 

Bouquet: the characteristic note of cherry, red fruits and a light, pleasant balsamic note. 

Taste: a warm and quite soft wine, acidity and tannin are present, but fine and overall very pleasant.

Serving Temperature: 18-20 °C