Riesling Marienburg GG Rothenpfad 2013 3l

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Riesling Marienburg GG Rothenpfad 2013 3l

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Riesling Marienburg GG Rothenpfad 2013 3l

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Grape variety: Riesling

The majority of their vines are found in the vineyard of Pündericher Marienburg. The vineyard lies on the opposite bank of the river from the village of Pünderich and has a south-southeast orientation.

In the site’s original location, directly below the Marienburg monastery, gray slate dominates. This is where they harvest the grapes for their Großes Gewächs “Marienburg GG.”

Rothenpfad: on historic vineyard maps, this section of the vineyard, above the Pünderich viaduct, is referenced with the highest rating. The red slate that dominates there offers the wines an herbaceous, spicy note, which, with a little residual sugar, comes into even greater focus. In hot years, the south-east orientation is superior to the south-facing sites.