Gutturnio sur lie 2016

Massimiliano Croci

Gutturnio sur lie 2016

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Gutturnio sur lie 2016

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Grape varieties: Barbera, Bonarda

This noble wine with ancient origins is born from the skilful union between the Barbera and Bonarda grapes, rigorously hand-picked in their vineyards.

It has a deep ruby ​​color. The nose tends to open slowly and is intense, from fresh and fruity notes that are felt at the end of fermentation, gradually passing over time to increasingly complex notes derived from contact with the yeast.

In the mouth, the natural refermentation in the bottle enhances the flavors, as for the perfume, at the beginning there are gentle fruity flavors combined with delicate hints of yeast. Subsequently greater complexity, it is a wine with good structure and characteristic acidity.

It is a pleasant wine, with good drinkability.

It should be served at 15-20 ° C and poured paying attention to the slight deposit on the bottom of the bottle, it goes wonderfully with any meal but in particular with soups  and boiled meats.