Donà Rouge 2017

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Donà Rouge 2017

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Donà Rouge 2017

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Grape varieties: Schiava/Vernatsch

Their Donà Rouge comes from the idea of ​​creating something really special with local Schiava grapes. Rediscover and re-interpret the potential of this partially forgotten and underestimated ancient vine.

They started from a sunny and airy vineyard, at an altitude of 450 m, with moderately consistent soil of glacial origin, on which there are 40 to 50-year-old gnarled vines with deep roots. The vine, which is cared for with dedication and great respect for nature, produces a limited number of grapes of small, taste-rich grapes.

Gentle and careful processing in the cellar and the addition of 2% Lagrein and 3% Pinot Noir complete our vision of Donà Rouge.

23 months of refining in wooden barrels and 2 years of aging in a bottle make it red, spicy and delicate, very harmonious.