Catarratto Extra Lucido Isolano 2021


Catarratto Extra Lucido Isolano 2021

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Catarratto Extra Lucido Isolano 2021

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Grape varieties: Catarratto Extra Lucido

It was Vincenzo Solano, Massimiliano's grandfather, who started the family business by planting the first small tree called ‘Catarratto Extra Lucido’ in the Parrino estate in the 1950’s. Since then they have continued the tradition with the family. They have been successful in cultivating the grapevine at the highest point of the hill, where the land is strong and the arid conditions are perfect for the grapevine. Beside the grapevines, they have planted a small wood with 500 trees, so they can make the surrounding agro-ecosystem more stable and balanced.”

Area of origin
Sicily, Camporeale (PA)

Cultivation process

Yield (in quintales of grapes per Ha)
50 quintal/Ha

Wine making
The grapes are hand-picked and are transported to the winery in small baskets, where they are de-stemmed and crushed. Afterwards the must is poured off and added with the more must at a natural fermentation (prepared in the proceeding days with grapes from the same grapevine). The fermentation last for about 20 days at temperature of 15%. After that the wine is refined in stainless steel for the following winter and spring before being bottled.

Wine ageing
6 months in stainless steel

Organoleptic characteristics
Colour: straw yellow with greenish reflects; Bouquet: Reminiscent of the scents of the Mediterranean in the spring; Flavour: It has a good structured and minerality. It keeps a good acidity level, with after notes of almond.

Serving Temperature
12 °C