Buriana 2020

Jacopo Stigliano

Buriana 2020

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Buriana 2020

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Grape varieties: Chasselas Doré, Alionza, Trebbiano montanaro, Trebbiano di Spagna, Trebbiano romagnolo, Verdicchio, Grechetto Gentile, Albana di Romagna, Albanona, Sauvignon, Montuni, Moscato di Terracina Buriana has three different meanings:

The name Buriana in italian means storm and this project/wine has been started/realised in a very stormy moment of my personal life;

In my hometown Bologna, Buriana also means creative chaos, a melting pot of people/friends or in this case different grape varieties that have fun all together;

The root of the word Buriana is russian and it means weeds (Buran is the North East wind that shakes the Siberian Steppe). My project is principally based on the recovery of ancient vines, where weeds are rampant. The weeds have become the real queens of these environments and need to be removed by hands.

The ancient vines of Buriana are located in Valsamoggia, a border and a rolling Valley between Bologna, Modena and the Apennines.

This wine is made by vinifying many different white grape varieties all harvested and blended together, following the old popular tradition and the "nonno" (grandfather) basic rule, which says: Wine is made in the vineyard and not in the cellar (these ancient vines were planted with a logic, every grape giving its important contribution to the whole, such as tannins or acidity).

The process of vinification and aging was made for half of the total quantity in amphorae and for the other half in old big wood barrels. Eight days of skin contact maceration, no filtration, no clarification, no added sulphur. The wine was then blended in concrete tanks for a final aging process of six months.

The vintage was very different from the 2019. This wine is finer and more clear, elegant and complete, but it is less powerful and round.