70% with Liberica Coffee 160g
70% with Liberica Coffee 160g
70% with Liberica Coffee 160g

Claudio Corallo

70% with Liberica Coffee 160g

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70% with Liberica Coffee 160g


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Forastero Amelonado, Refined sugar, Liberica coffee

Liberica coffee is an almost extinct variety of coffee. It was abandoned because it was much less productive than Arabica or Robusta, and because its beans, which are particularly large and hard, must be peeled by hand, one by one.

On our plantation Terreiro Velho on the Island of Principe we grow this extraordinary coffee alongside cocoa trees in the shade of age-old trees on hills facing the sea.

To discover the sweet and delicate aroma of Liberica, we recommend it, toasted and ground, in small hand-cut bars of chocolate, each containing 4.5% of Liberica coffee.