Riesling Trocken 2023

Clemens Busch

Riesling Trocken 2023

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Riesling Trocken 2023

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Grape variety: Riesling

Clemens Busch's Riesling Trocken is a dry wine from Moselle, Germany. It is characterized by a delicate greenish yellow color and on the nose it expresses mineral scents, green apple, lime zest and hints of wildflower honey. On the palate it is very fresh, with a very light residual sugar that makes it soft and enveloping. Wine made as it once was with artisanal methods

It is a dry wine whose business card bears one word: freshness. This is in fact the main feature of this bottle, born in the light of biodynamic agriculture that aims to create great labels starting from the most important thing, namely the quality of the grapes. In fact, the path taken by the winery, both during the vinification phase and during the refinement, is limited to treating the raw material with extreme kindness, allowing it to express itself to its full potential. This is a wine that one would never stop drinking, with aromas and flavors that intertwine different sensations, flowers and fruit, sweetness and flavor, expertly blended.

This Riesling Trocken comes from vineyards immersed in the Moselle, the most popular and well-known wine region in Germany. In this area, the Clemens Busch winery can boast some of the most important plots, characterized by an important steepness of the land, which obviously makes any mechanical operation impossible. The vines are grown following the principles of biodynamic agriculture, encouraging each plant to grow with vitality and resistance. In the cellar each operation is carried out with the utmost delicacy, avoiding mechanical stress to the wine. The must ferments spontaneously in large used oak barrels, thanks to the presence of indigenous yeasts. The final refinement takes place in steel, where the wine remains to mature for a few months, until bottling is started.

This wine presents itself to the eye with a color in the middle, we could say, which ranges between straw yellow and bright greenish, depending on how the light relates to the flow of the wine in the glass. The nose is interesting, which resounds with fresh flowers and different shades of fruit, enriched by light references to honey. In the mouth it has a good body, with a fresh and incredibly savory sip, with a final taste that is the result of the slight residual sugar present in the wine. A German white wine that finds its gastronomic consecration with one ingredient above all, fish, prepared with different recipes.

Color: Brilliant greenish yellow

Scent: Fresh white flowers, green apple, lime zest, hints of honey

Taste: Refreshing and of great sapidity, with a very slight residual sugar which enriches the body