Frigidus Passito 2003 0.375l

Fattoria San Lorenzo

Frigidus Passito 2003 0.375l

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Frigidus Passito 2003 0.375l

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Grape varieties: Verdicchio

Luminous, clear and quite deep bronze-orange color. Very rich and complex nose with aromas of developed nuttiness, syrupy caramel tones, perfumed floral character, some sugary dried pineapple notes, a little bit of orange marmalade and a hint of rosewater. The wine is sweet, medium-bodied and intense on the palate with bright, high acidity and focused flavors of tangy citrus fruits, oxidative nuttiness, bruised apple, some herbal bitterness, a little bit of maple syrup and a hint of apple developed core character. Overall the wine is pretty racy and tangy for such a sweet dessert wine. The finish is quite sweet but pretty tangy and robust at the same time with pretty crisp flavors of bruised apple, syrupy molasses, some nutty oxidation, a little bit of tart lemony citrus fruits and a hint of dried peaches.

A complex, impressive and beautifully aged Verdicchio dessert wine from Castelli di Jesi. It's hard to say how sweet the wine is - it really doesn't taste that sweet, but as the wine also feels very high in acidity, I wouldn't be surprised if it actually was a lot sweeter than it appears. It's hard to believe this kind of stunning, racy wine s from the hot vintage 2003. Most likely at its plateau of maturity, but I doubt the wine will start to fall apart any time soon. Drink or keep