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Cantina Giardino

Fra 2020

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Fra 2020

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Grape varieties: Falanghina

Falanghina Fra by Cantina Giardino is a Campania white wine from Irpinia, macerated for 4 days in contact with the skins and aged for 10 months in chestnut tonneaux: it has an intense golden color and expresses enveloping and typical aromas of verbena, aromatic herbs, citrus fruits, iodine and hints of rocks, while on the palate it is very fresh and salty, rich in pulp. Artisanal wine, made as it once was

It is the new and surprising creature of the mythical cellar of Ariano Irpino, capable of redefining the usual parameters of judgment. We do not exaggerate in saying that we are dealing with an expressive unicum and, although this happens quite often with the liquids bottled by Antonio di Gruttola, we would like to say that such an enthralling and vital Falanghina had never been produced. A real cult reality for artisan wine lovers, Cantina Giardino was born in 2003 from a group of friends who have always shared passion, intentions and views and have decided to take over some vineyards in Ariano Irpino, where Aglianico, Greco , Fiano and Falanghina are the masters. Intimate and uncompromising wines, capable like few others of emotionally involving those who approach them, leaving an indelible mark in the memory.

The “Fra” Falanghina is obtained from pure grapes of the vine of the same name, coming from vines cultivated with rather basic yields and located at about 400 meters above sea level. In the vineyard, human intervention is almost totally limited, leaving nature to express itself and accompanying all processes '' alone '' with vigilant care. In the cellar we proceed consistently, with spontaneous alcoholic fermentation and maceration on the skins for 4 days. The liquid is aged for 10 months in chestnut barrels and 2 months in the bottle.

Is presented in the glass with an intense and luminous yellow color. Nose of enormous expressiveness, impacting in its sensations that refer to citrus peel, aromatic herbs, verbena, as well as an almost spicy pungency typical in the wines of the cellar. Sip as always driven by a refreshing freshness and a saline edge, while not giving up on pulp and fruit. A real juice of the territory.

Color: Intense golden yellow

Scent: Aromatic herbs of Mediterranean scrub, verbena, citrus fruits, salty puffs

Taste: Very fresh and salty, juicy and rich in pulp, persistent