Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tradizione 2021 0,5l

Marco Viola

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tradizione 2021 0,5l

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tradizione 2021 0,5l

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You look around and you wonder if it is the earth or the stone that takes care of Marco’s age-old olive trees. Plants that grow in stony, calcareous soil with good drainage and at the perfect altitude for the cultivation of the olive tree. Small-sized, low yielding olive trees cared for and touched only by human hands.

Product name: Tradizione Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Harvesting technique: Picked by hand with manual or hand-held pneumatic combs

Harvest time: October and November

Crushing method: High-tech continuous mechanical crushing equipment

Storage: Reseal after use, keep it in a cool dry place far away from heat and light sources