Pinot Nero Campo alle More 2000 1.5l


Pinot Nero Campo alle More 2000 1.5l

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Pinot Nero Campo alle More 2000 1.5l

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Grape variety: Pinot Nero

Complexity of tones.

The high hill, the excellent sun exposure and the brambles of wild blackberries that surround it, create the perfect habitat for these precious and delicate vineyards. This Pinot Noir, with fruity notes of extraordinary complexity, is a persuasive and sensual wine.

Organoleptic Characteristics

Colour: Bright ruby red.

Nose: An extraordinary complexity and dynamic succession of spicy red woodland fruit and wild cherry notes.

Flavour: Particularly rich and fresh for a Pinot Noir. Full in the mouth and velvety, of great elegance.

Serving Temperature and Food Matches

Serving temperature: 16° C.

Recommended with: Red meat and game, cheese